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As opposed to a lawsuit loan, your advance is not based on your credit at all.

US Advance is your expert pre-settlement funding team to help you get back to your life. Lawsuit settlement funding fast and secure at US Advance.

While your attorney fights for the full value of your case, we'll work to get you a cash advance TODAY.

US Advance is your cash advance go-to for helping you pay your bills faster.

Don't struggle to pay the bills on time when you can get an advance now from US Advance.

For plaintiffs and attorneys who have executed a settlement agreement but have still not received their money - CONNECT WITH US. We are here to help you get back on the right track with our pre-settlement opportunities.

We make it happen fast - don't wait for funds to arrive while the bills pile up. While you wait for your case to settle, which could take months - why not get the cash you need faster with US Advance.

Expenses pile up fast before you are granted your due compensation - you can be funded today from US Advance. With a lawsuit loan, the borrower has to have collateral, credit, and needs to be ready to incur fees. Our legal funding program is NOT a lawsuit loan obligation: neither collateral nor a review of an applicant's credit profile is necessary to qualify for funding since funding is based on the merits of the case itself.

Your settlement may take time - we won't waste yours with much needed pre-settlement funds.

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About Us With US Advance

  • US Advance funding is not a "lawsuit loan or borrowed money"

  • NO Credit Check. NO Job Required. NO Monthly Payments.

  • Use the money so that the insurance company doesn't force you into their lowball offers

  • When your attorney finally does settle your claim, we get paid back from those proceeds.

  • On average, pre settlement funding takes about 24-48 hours

  • We understand that this is a very time-sensitive matter.

  • Fast delivery of lawsuit advance puts money in your pocket now

  • Not next week or next month. The money can be in your bank account today.

  • Our team has funded over $200,000,000 in cases nationwide!

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